Loose-Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags

As you've probably noticed from our website, we sell loose-leaf teas and tea bags to our customers.  We prefer loose-leaf, but in the interest of getting our teas out to a wider audience, we offer tea bags.  Here's why we prefer and recommend trying our loose-leaf teas:

  • Taste - we feel that a properly brewed loose-leaf tea is going to taste a lot better than a tea that is brewed using a paper tea bag.  Some people might actually enjoy the taste of bleached paper or glue that accompanies most tea bags, but we believe that the use of tea bags absorbs some of the enjoyment and benefits we get from our tea.  Therefore, we use unbleached, unglued tea bags to minimize any adverse effects from our tea bags.  
  • The Ritual - Pardon me for getting all touchy-feely here, but for thousands of years, tea drinkers have been making their teas by directly infusing teas or herbs in water.  Why change something that isn't broken?  
  • Tactile Feel - Brewing your own loose-leaf tea makes you feel more connected to the whole process.  As you're making your tea, you get to smell, see, and feel the item that you're putting into your body.  It's similar to the feeling you get when you're making your own dinner as opposed to ordering take-out.  I understand there is a time and place for taking the easy road, but some things just shouldn't be rushed.
  • Monetary Cost - We are able to lower our manufacturing cost by selling bulk teas in loose-leaf form, sending those savings on to our customers.  I'm a bit of a finance nerd, and my business plan shows me that I can provide a roughly 50%-60% savings per serving to my customers who choose loose-leaf tea.
  • Environmental Cost - Procuring, packaging, shipping and disposing of tea bags requires a whole host of unnecessary social costs.  As our mission statement says, "we focus on maintaining healthy and beneficial outcomes for all of our suppliers, employees, customers, and the planet."  We sell our bagged teas in un-bleached disposable drawstring tea bags, keeping in mind the extra cost associated with those bags.  

If you've made your way to this website, you've hopefully noticed a few things.  First, our goal is to make tea that tastes GREAT!  Tea the way it's supposed to be.  Second, we aim to provide an immense amount of health benefits derived from our teas.  We hope you'll be able to experience the enjoyment of our teas and the benefits derived from them as you see fit.  

We also sell the top-of-the-line infusers from Forlife Designs.  These infusers are big enough to let the tea "breath", the mesh is fine enough to allow you to brew plenty of different leaf sizes, and they all come with a lid/saucer that keeps your tea warm while also minimizing the mess of a used infuser when you place it on the saucer.  These are beautiful infusers, and will last you a life-time!

    Please stay tuned for new blog posts and new tea infusions at Headwaterteas.com!

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