Customer Reviews

Delicious Tea

Hi James,

I wanted you to know I have been beyond pleased with the teas I picked up from you. They are the best tea and the most delicious flavors I have tasted. 
I just wanted to let you know how much my girlfriend and I have been enjoying them and that we will definitely be a continuing customer.
Thanks so much,
B**** S******

Very satisfied

Yes I received my package! It is perfect and I'm ready to order more from this company! There was a personal note inside that made it seem warm. 
Things these days are so impersonal that I was excited about a hand written message inside the box w a tea sample too!
Best regards,
A**** S******


Hi James,

Thank you for the teas - they were delicious!!!

Thank you!!

Good day Mr. Keller,

I just received my order. I can't begin to thank you. That order was made because I had one originally because a coworker replaced a stolen tea infuser mug from me. She went for surgery and brought me back the same identical one I ordered from you. I was washing it and it slipped from me and the inside broke.  I stayed up all night googling until I found the same infuser and surprisingly you had it and shipped to my location.  I had the chance to share such joy in finding it and receiving it with her and I can't thank you enough.  
As for the samples they were on point. I do anything that helps my immune system as I am rebuilding mines at the moment from getting over the flu and Earl Grey is my thing to 🤗. Thanks for making my week!!!!!

It's a Hit!

It's a hit with us.  We are drinking it daily.  The last order was for "inventory" to take with us while we're down south for six weeks.

Loving it...

We are Loving the teas!!!


I bought the first order for my daughter M***** who now lives in Denver.  It was in her stocking and she was home for Christmas.  I drank it and loved it.  Reordered one for her and one for me.

Tea Bags

Hey James!

We ran through the Lemon Ginger, can we do another 50?  Thx and enjoying the tea!

Great Products

Rock on bruthaman, keep on making great products!  

Immune System Support Tea

Should've brought a stash of your tea with me to DC to defend against my nephew's cold!!!

Jasmine Perfection

Crushing some right now!  I really love the jasmine... perfectly balanced flavor.

Lemon Ginger

A co-worker brought in a bag of your Lemon Ginger tea and I couldn't wait to get my own in the Cleansing tea!

Jackson Hole

Hi!  I found your tea on one of the many Jackson Hole FB pages I follow... it's been my home away from home.  I've been doing a detox tea for a month but I'm skeptical... then I found you! 

Earl Grey

Loving my Tea, Buddy!  Best I have had in years!  Thank you