Mission/About Us

Mission:  Elevate Your Tea

We use only the highest quality organic ingredients to produce whole-leaf, fresh tea blends infused with herbal extracts.  

Our infusions are designed to promote a vast array of health benefits. 

From procuring whole-leaf teas, herbal extracts, infusing and packaging our teas, we will focus on maintaining healthy and beneficial outcomes for all of our suppliers, employees, customers, and the planet.

About Us:

I live in beautiful Jackson Hole Wyoming.  I am currently raising two awesome girls, and recently have decided to make and sell the tea I've been drinking to alleviate my allergy symptoms. 

I've had a pollen allergy all of my life, and one day, during a bad allergy attack, I decided to do something about it.  I started by trying all of the store-bought teas that sell themselves as immune boosters or cold care teas, but they all tasted terrible to me.  I decided to start making my own teas that have a much more powerful array of herbs for a natural, and most importantly, a great tasting outcome.  I have realized that my tea blend has really helped with my allergies, so I decided to start offering them to others who suffer the same issues.  

My vision originally involved essential oils as a way to pack as many helpful herbs into my tea as possible, but there are lots of issues with drinking essential oils.  First, they don't mix well in water, second, they can cause irritation, and third, and most importantly, they gave my tea a strong smell and taste that ruined the whole leaf tea taste I was looking for.  

To tackle the first issue - not mixing well with water - I started looking at ways to emulsify the oils.  I tried honey, but that caused the teas to clump too much.  I then used bentonite, which worked great, but gave the tea a muddy, clayey look and taste. I needed a better way to infuse all these awesome herbs into the tea.  

I realized I had purchased two herbal extracts instead of essential oils.  That's when things started to really work.  Herbal extracts are easily ingested, mix well with water, and best of all, they have the same active constituents as essential oils.  

So I have been making my allergy tea mix, and loving the outcome:  No more allergy attacks (or at least a lot less severe).  

When I decided to start a company that sold this tea, I also realized the other benefits that I could target using herbal extracts infused in tea.  I mentioned my daughters, and they are both in day care.  They bring home some kind of new bug almost daily, so I started tinkering around with a tea infused with herbs that can boost your immune system.  My wife (who suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when she was young and has a weak immune system because of it) and I have been drinking this tea so far this fall, and haven't caught a cold yet.

Please give our teas a try, and I hope you'll experience the same benefits we have.  

Our goal is to make teas that taste great, but also pack in tons of organic, healthy herbs to help boost your immune system, fight allergy symptoms, or supercharge your detox or cleanse.  

Please email us at info@headwaterteas.com if you have any comments or suggestions.


James, Marley, Skylin and Evy.