How Does it Work?

Herbal Extracts and Tea

We have spent countless hours developing and perfecting our idea:  To make teas bursting with benefits, while also tasting great

We are very pleased with how our product tastes, smells, and above all, promotes targeted and relevant health benefits.

This tea is the holy grail: "Teas... with Benefits" 

Using a foundation of fresh, high quality whole-leaf teas, I then formulated a list of herbs I wanted to include in my tea blends.

  • Our Immune System blend contains 17 different herbs that can help your body naturally: Strengthen and bolster the immune system when you're not sick, or alleviate cough, sore throat, congestion, fever, pain and/or other cold and flu symptoms while you are sick.   
  • Our Allergy Symptom blend contains 17 herbs that can help alleviate the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, hayfever, pollen or even indoor allergies.   
  • Our Cleansing Tea blend contains 10 herbs that can help supercharge your body's natural detoxification processes on a daily basis or especially during a cleanse.  

Our dry, whole leaf teas are infused with just the right amount of our liquid extract formulas:  Not so much that it ruins the taste and aroma of our teas, but enough to provide the health benefits we're looking for.

We use only organic or wild harvested herbs in our liquid herbal extractions.  Each herb, root, or leaf extract is produced according to precise standards depending on their unique characteristics.  Our extracts use a cold maceration technique, which preserves and maintains the plant's active constituents.

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