Honey Tea Boosters!  

Our newest offering: Honey Tea Boosters, Infused with a shot of our Herbal Extract formulations.

Much like the Booster Shots you can get for smoothies, we've taken local Honey and added a dose of our herbal extract "Benefits".  

Simply stir the Honey Spoon into your favorite hot drink (Tea or even Coffee) for a sweet, healthy, sugar-free addition to your day. 

We make our Honey Tea Spoons with 100% raw, unfiltered honey and our Herbal Extracts.  We also use Isomalt, a non-sugar confectioner's hardening agent to make sure your Booster doesn't melt before it gets into hot water!

Choose from the following extract formulas: (currently only available in Cleanse/Detox)

Combine our awesome-tasting infused organic teas with a 3-pack of these Honey Tea Boosters as a great gift idea for the tea drinker in your life.  

Honey Tea Boosters
Honey Tea Boosters

Honey Tea Boosters

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